Writing as Career vs. Hobby

Its a decision that every writer makes at some point.

I believe that storytellers are born. We are naturals and it starts with word of mouth. Every family has them. My grandpa was one. My uncle was one and I am one.  They were not writers, but I am and it started in high school, unless you count my crayon editing at five in my books as a child.

Fast forward. During the years I had small children, I wrote short stories for them and about their antics. Then, I wrote a cathartic novel about my escape from a violent marriage with three frightened children in-tow. It was so difficult to write, even in third person, that I put it on a shelf in the closet for several years until after I remarried a wonderful man who encouraged my writing. We took it out, he read it, and with a lot of hard work learning the writing craft, editing, and emotion, Shelter from the Storm, became my first published work of women’s fiction.

There is a lot more to my writing story, but it took a decision. My husband and I sat down and talked about it, and he promised to feed me and pick up the slack while I wrote. I asked myself the questions: Am I going to just play at this writing stuff or am I really going to focus on it and write books, submit them to publishers, and have the tenacity to keep going until I publish my work?  Then, can I keep doing it over and over? Do I have what it takes?

For me, the answer was a resounding, YES!

What is your answer?

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