What is a Hybrid Author?

If you read blogs and magazines in the publishing industry you’ll find different definitions for the hybrid author. We are experiencing massive changes in the industry that are almost impossible to keep up with unless we spend all of our time following the latest news releases out of New York and publishing experts. How can we cope with that?

My original plan was the traditional path and it takes years. It includes finding an agent and waiting for them to find a publisher who wants my book. Meanwhile, I’m writing and waiting. Sound familiar?

The hybrid author publishes through the traditional path but also self-publishes. A hybrid can also be defined as one who picks and chooses from a combination of traditional publishing without an agent and self-publishes using companies like Createspace. I’ve even heard hybrids referred to as those who write across genre or across fiction and nonfiction lines.

One thing I can tell you is that as a hybrid author I have control of my career far more than the authors in the industry even five years ago. However, I wear a lot of hats and it is a real juggling act. How it works and what it takes to be a hybrid author is what this website and blog is all about.

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