Hybrid Authors Still At-Large

Last week in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Jessica Dewberry wrote an article called “In the Trenches with Hybrid at AWP 2014.” Dewberry said that prior to the conference she had listed herself as a hybrid writer in her Twitter and Facebook profiles. Then unfortunately removed it after attending AWP.

Apparently, panel discussion and informal discussion ( some of which included alcohol and dancing) tried to define just what this hybrid thing is. Many looked at the aspects of cross genre writing. Others talked about people who dip into everything that the industry has to offer on both sides of the aisle – traditional and self-published. For those of you who haven’t read the article, it is well worth reading. It illustrated what’s going on in the industry when it comes to hybrids, in many cases.

Dewberry stated toward the end of her article, “But the varying definitions and perceptions of hybrid I was exposed to at AWP did not erase the doubt I went there with, the sense that the word muddies more than it clarifies.”

That muddy definition and what to do with a writing career is exactly why I decided to write, The Hybrid Author. The book comes out April 21st. That is also why I started this blog and website. I welcome  others to the discussion.

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