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The Los Angeles Times, Claudia Rankine and Meghan Daum lead 2015 PEN Literary Awards, Carolyn Kellogg, Sept. 15, 2015,

Observer/Innovation, Do E-Books Earn More Money at Lower Prices? At the very least, raising prices doesn’t appear to be helping the bottom line at big publishers, Brady Dale, 09/14/15,

Digital Book World, Taste-Test Your Books: The Secret Sauce to Boost Sales, Rob Eagar, September 14, 2015,

Publisher’s Weekly, Where Reference Fits in the Modern Library Today’s reference user wants help doing things rather than finding things, Brian Kenney, Sep 11, 2015,

Publisher’s Weekly, Where Reference Fits in the Modern Library Today’s reference user wants help doing things rather than finding things, Brian Kenney, Sep 11, 2015,

Amazon’s new way of paying authors makes sense, and here’s why, by Mathew Ingram, June 24, 2015, Fortune,

The Bookseller, Doubts raised by indie authors over KU terms, by Philip Jones, July 28, 2014,

Publishers Weekly, Spotlight Falls on E-book Subscription Services, by Rachel Deahl, July 25, 2014,

Forbes,  How to Market Your New Book, by Bret Arends, July 15, 2014,

Salon, The best literary hashtags on Twitter: From #readwomen2014 to #WeNeedDiverseBooks, hashtags are helping to build community in the literary world, by Michele Filgate, July 19, 2014,

Publishers Weekly,

Pew Research Center, 7 Surprsies about Libraries in our Surveys, by Lee Rainie, June 30, 2014,

The Digital Reader, I Think It’s Time for Indies to Join Publishers in their Fight Against Amazon, by Nate Hoffelder, June 25, 2014 

The Idea Logical Company blog, The Shatzkin Files, New data on the Long Tail impact suggests rethinking history and ideas about the future of publishing, posted by Mike Shatzkin, June 25, 2014,

The Washington Post, The Guardians First Self-published Book Proze Winner, by Ron Charles, June 9, 2014,

Huffington Post, The Blog, What the Amazon vs. Hachette Debate Ignores: Independent Authors, by Lorraine Devon Wilkie, June 8, 2014,

The Guardian, Indie Booksellers Join Hachette’s Battle with Amazon, by Alison Flood,  June 6, 2014,

Publishers Weekly, BEA 2014: New Opportunities for Agents and Authors in Today’s Publishing, By Wendy Werris, May 30, 2014,

Publishers Weekly, Wowio Launches New Mobile App, May 30, 2014,

Smashwords blog, Amazon’s Hachette Dispute Foreshadows What’s Next for Indie Authors, Monday, May 26, 2014

Publishers Weekly, Smashwords, OverDrive Ink Distribution Deal

May 20, 2014,

**Publishers Weekly, PW Launches BookLife; Integrates Self-Published Reviews

May 20, 2014,

Smashwords blog, The Indie Author Manifesto, by Mark Coker, April 25, 2014,

Forbes magazine, “How To Self-Publish Your Book Through Amazon,” by Deborah L. Jacobs, April 25, 2014,

Digital Book World, “A Plea: Let Some Ebook Data Flow,” by Pavan Arora, April 24, 2014,

Digital Book World, Selling Back-List Titles? Think Audience and Metadata,” April 24, 2014,

Publishers Weekly, “Christian Publishing Veteran Starts New Self-Publishing Imprint,” April 23, 2014

Publishers Weekly, “Authors Guild Hits Back at Google Ruling,” by Jim Milliot, April 13, 2014

GoodEReader, “Smashwords Reveals Number of Bestselling Authors Overwhelmingly Female,” by Mercy Pilkington, April 11, 2014

Publishers Weekly, “After Outcry, ReedPOP Promises to Diversify Author Panel,” by Claire Kirch, April 11, 2014

** Digital Book World, New Flat-Fee Ebook Distribution Portal ( “Distee charges ebook distribution partners £6.99 ($11.71) per book per month to send titles to all major ebook retailers around the world. Should the service be as effective as its competitors, for publishers and authors who sell many books, it would offer significant cost savings”.

Digital Book World“Self-Published Ebook Jumps to No. 1 on Best-Seller List, Dethrones Divergent” by Jeremy Greenfield, April 9, 2014

Media Shift, “Why Audiobooks Are the Next Big Thing in Self-Publishing”, by Laura Caldwell, April, 9 2014, 

Publishers Weekly, “London Book Fair 2014: PW Talks with Kobo President Michael Tamblyn” by Andrew Albanese, Apr 09, 2014 (the place of independent authors is growing)

Digital Book World, “Amazon’s Vision for the Future of Self-Publishing,” April 7, 2014

Publishers Weekly, “PRH U.K. Launches Reader Recommendation Platform,” by Liz Thomson, April 7, 2014

Publishers Weekly, “IBPA Adds Six to Board,” April 4, 2014 

Publishers Weekly, “To Host or Not to Host?by Josie Leavitt, April 3rd, 2014

Los Angeles Review of Books, “In the Trenches with Hybrid at AWP 2014,” by Jessica Dewberry, March 19th, 2014

Digital Book World, “Common Ground in the Debate of Self v. Traditional Publishing,” by Jack W. Perry, Feb. 21, 2014

Huffington Post, “What I learned a Year After Publishing My First Book,” by Zachary Stockill, March 20, 2014

Huffington Post, 2014 Book Publishing Industry Predictions — Increased Competition Between Traditional Publishers and Indie Authors,” by Mark Coker (first posted 1/7/2014) updated March 9, 2014

Publishers Weekly, “Hugh Howey and the Indie Author Revolt,” by Mark Coker, Feb 20, 2014

** Publishers Weekly, “Catherine Ryan Hyde Settles into Hybrid Status,” by Rachael Deahl, Feb. 14, 2014

Savannah Morning News, “Savannah Book Festival: Author Hugh Howey finds major success through direct publishing” by Linda Sickler, Feb 13, 2014 

Author Earnings Blog, “The 7k Report,” by Hugh C. Howey, Feb 12, 2014,

**Huffington Post, “What is an Independent Publisher?” by David Kudler, January 24, 2014

Digital Book World, “Author Survey Results: Expectations of Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing,” by Dana Beth Weinberg, January 27, 2014



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