Tools and Tips for Writers Worksheet Downloads

Tool Summary

For my writing friends who have purchased Tools and Tips for Writers, these worksheets are available with your purchase. In order to ensure your exclusive use of these tools, please go to Tools and Tips Private Group Membership. You are only a couple of clicks away from receiving your free documents.

Each one can be downloaded for your personal use as an individual .pdf file.


Website Account Tracker – keeps a record of your user name and password


Character Development Chart – make one for each main character in your story; optional for secondary characters


Five Senses Chart – used for chapters and scene development, as well as extra-sensory development


Developing Voice – each character needs a distinct voice; this worksheet helps establish different voices for each major character


Ghostwriting Project Tracker – keeps a record of project status


Client Intake Information Sheet – basic information about client and project for ghostwriting; could be adapted to copywriting


Newspaper & Magazine Submissions – tracking record of article submissions


Writing Project Tracking Form – tracking record for publishing projects


Agent Research – information concerning agents’ background and guidelines for those you’re interested in querying


Agent Query Tracking Form – tracking record for queries