The Hybrid Author Book Launch Tour

The book launch is in full swing. It started with a great guest blog yesterday at Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s blog with an excerpt from the first chapter. If you missed it, you can still go by and give it a read.

Today, I’m on Travis Erwin’s blog. If you’ve never visited his blog, he is lots of fun and is interviewed in the book.

Tomorrow, I’ll be at The Book Connection, where Cheryl  Malandrinos will do a first chapter review. I’m very excited to see it and read it right along with you all.

Thursday, I hope you’ll come and visit with me at the Panhandle Professional Writers blog. This organization is one of the oldest in the country and yes, it really was founded in the panhandle of Texas.

Friday, things will wind up back here at the Hybrid Author (dot) com and anyone who leaves a comment will be in a drawing for an autographed copy of The Hybrid Author and the first edition of Tools and Tips.

Feel free to share this with your friends. They might like a copy of my new book. Hope to see you.

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The Hybrid Author Book Release

The Hybrid Author book coverPre-release orders can be purchased at   Early Purchase

Be on of the first to get a copy for your writer’s reference library. Bob Rich, the author of the well-known Bobbing Around Newsletter says,

“This book is a treasure house of useful suggestions and resources for any writer, already published or still merely hopeful. While reading, I followed up some of Dianne’s recommendations, particularly in the areas of marketing and publicity, which are my weak points.

This useful information is logically organized, clearly presented, and is in a style that is a perfect compromise between being chatty and formal. My only suggestion for improvement is that each resource should have a web link accompany it.

I’ve been a hybrid writer for many years, but didn’t know it until I read Dianne’s definition. It is someone who has some books out through royalty-paying publishers, with other books, or other versions of these books, through a less conventional path such as self-publishing. She sets out the advantages and disadvantages of each of four options, and I cannot fault her reasoning. I agree with everything she has stated.

A useful feature is Chapter 8, which is a series of interviews with successful authors. I was fascinated by the commonalities and differences in these people’s opinions.

Chapter 10 is also particularly useful in a different way: it is an extensive list of questions to an intending author. Thinking about the answer to each will help you to choose the uniquely right path for you.

In short, this book is a useful resource for any writer.”

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News From the London Book Fair





The London Book Fair has been not only blessed with a huge number of indie authors participating but also the announcement of a new ebook distribution portal. It will be open not only to publishers but individual authors as well at affordable prices. Basics came out in today’s Digital Book World newsletter. I couldn’t wait to share it with you all. For more information go to: booktrade



This picture is royalty free and from the

DAFPRS website.

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Hybrid Authors Still At-Large

Last week in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Jessica Dewberry wrote an article called “In the Trenches with Hybrid at AWP 2014.” Dewberry said that prior to the conference she had listed herself as a hybrid writer in her Twitter and Facebook profiles. Then unfortunately removed it after attending AWP.

Apparently, panel discussion and informal discussion ( some of which included alcohol and dancing) tried to define just what this hybrid thing is. Many looked at the aspects of cross genre writing. Others talked about people who dip into everything that the industry has to offer on both sides of the aisle – traditional and self-published. For those of you who haven’t read the article, it is well worth reading. It illustrated what’s going on in the industry when it comes to hybrids, in many cases.

Dewberry stated toward the end of her article, “But the varying definitions and perceptions of hybrid I was exposed to at AWP did not erase the doubt I went there with, the sense that the word muddies more than it clarifies.”

That muddy definition and what to do with a writing career is exactly why I decided to write, The Hybrid Author. The book comes out April 21st. That is also why I started this blog and website. I welcome  others to the discussion.

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What is a Hybrid Author?

If you read blogs and magazines in the publishing industry you’ll find different definitions for the hybrid author. We are experiencing massive changes in the industry that are almost impossible to keep up with unless we spend all of our time following the latest news releases out of New York and publishing experts. How can we cope with that?

My original plan was the traditional path and it takes years. It includes finding an agent and waiting for them to find a publisher who wants my book. Meanwhile, I’m writing and waiting. Sound familiar?

The hybrid author publishes through the traditional path but also self-publishes. A hybrid can also be defined as one who picks and chooses from a combination of traditional publishing without an agent and self-publishes using companies like Createspace. I’ve even heard hybrids referred to as those who write across genre or across fiction and nonfiction lines.

One thing I can tell you is that as a hybrid author I have control of my career far more than the authors in the industry even five years ago. However, I wear a lot of hats and it is a real juggling act. How it works and what it takes to be a hybrid author is what this website and blog is all about.

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