The resources in this section of the website are a combination of online tools, information, services, and vendors. I’ll keep adding to them as time goes along and I find more. I am including a few links to people who are experts and have reputations for being resources already. I don’t see any purpose in duplicating what they do so well. Just in case you don’t know about them, I’ve included links to their websites. In the interest of time, I won’t be able to go back through these links continually checking to be sure they are still active, but I can tell you that they are when I post them and I’ll do my best to keep them active.

This isn’t a recommendation, but a source for writers. I won’t knowingly give you a source who is not reputable, but it is always good practice to check them out for yourself.

Best of luck in your writing career.



Predators & Editors


Predators & Editors is the resource mentioned several times in this book as a place to check the professional reputations of agents and publishers. It also provides information on other services as well.


Writer Beware® The Blog


This blog keeps writers informed about scams and unethical organizations or companies in the publishing industry.

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