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Book Review: My Name is Lucy Barton, Elizabeth Strout

Lucy Barton is lonely and ill, missing her daughters and her husband in a sterile medical world, when her mother arrives. The two women haven’t spoken in years, yet she has come to comfort her daughter. This story is about

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The Hybrid Author Publishing Guide Countdown SALE

The Hybrid Author: A Guide to Publishing, 2nd Edition is on sale  all week at Amazon in a countdown. I hope you will take advantage of it to get your copy. This new guide to the evolving publishing industry is

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New Membership Area

You’ll notice that The Hybrid Author website now has a Members Only area for subscribers. Parts of it are still under construction, and I appreciate your patience for the next week while I get the kinks out. You can subscribe

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Writing as Career vs. Hobby

Its a decision that every writer makes at some point. I believe that storytellers are born. We are naturals and it starts with word of mouth. Every family has them. My grandpa was one. My uncle was one and I

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Book Giveaway

This is the day to celebrate with all of you the successful book launch this week of The Hybrid Author!      It has been a fun week traveling from blog to blog across the country and exchanging emails with

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The Hybrid Author Book Release

Pre-release orders can be purchased at   Early Purchase Be on of the first to get a copy for your writer’s reference library. Bob Rich, the author of the well-known Bobbing Around Newsletter says, “This book is a treasure house of

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